​We have expanded our operations during 2017. We are excited to offer two options for spring 2018 nuc sales. Our nucs are 5 medium frames, We do not offer deep frame nucs. There is a very simple process for introducing medium nucs to deep/med setups. We chose to only work with medium equipment which makes manipulation and interchangeability much easier between any hive/box.

Option #1 - These nucs are from our current stock and will contain one of our wintered queens along with her brood and bees just as it was prior to winter.

Option #2 – These nucs will be spring splits that contain a newly introduced queen, she will be mated and laying along with stock bees from our overwintered production hives.

Regardless of which option you chose we will be certain each queen has been accepted, laying, and in good health prior to handing off any nuc to a customer. Our hopes are that you never have to buy bees again but in the event you do, we put every effort into providing you with a good product so that you will walk away as a satisfied customer and consider us for any future purchases. 

​Please see our order form for details 

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