Michigan Nucs in Lapeer

​Overwintered stock with a new 2016 queen grafted from our 2015 survivor queens. These nucs should be available early/mid June depending on the weather. The earlier we can start the earlier these become available. These nucs will be made up in May but will require approx 30 days for the new queen to hatch, mate, and start laying. Once we have confirmed the new queen successfully mated and is laying we will make them available for sale. Nucs are $135.00 each and are available in medium 5 frame.

Update 5/17/16. We are sold out of nucs for the 2016 season until fall, at that time we will be offering two frame nucs with a queen for emergency replacements. Thank you all for a fantastic spring. 

Thank you for visiting Honeydew Apiaries. Our goal is to provide true Michigan overwintered bees to Michigan residents. As hobbyist we found it nearly impossible to find bees that were raised and overwintered in Michigan. We were forced to do what many others do and buy packages or nucs coming up from the south in May with queens that were dumped in a box with bees from another box and everyone kind of hoped they decided to get along. In the days that followed many of the queens were rejected and the hive was set back another month to make a new queen or they simply perished. We are now determined to become a reliable source of true Michigan bees. Michigan bees take a little longer to grow and produce queens due to our cooler weather but we hope you are willing to wait a couple extra weeks and allow us to become your new bee suppler. It is our desire to eliminate the need for southern bees here in Michigan.

Welcome to Honeydew Apiaries

​To place an order for nucs or for more information please use our contact us form and indicate which option, quantity, and style of nucs you would like to reserve. We will then email you a confirmation of your request. Once we have our spring count completed we will then email our purchase agreement and request deposits at that time. Thank you from us all at Honeydew Apiaries, we look forward to becoming your Michigan bee supplier.

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