Thank you for visiting Honeydew Apiaries. Our goal is to provide true Michigan overwintered bees to Michigan residents. As hobbyist we found it nearly impossible to find bees that were raised and overwintered in Michigan. We were forced to do what many others do and buy packages or nucs coming up from the south in May with queens that were dumped in a box with bees from another box and everyone kind of hoped they decided to get along. In the days that followed many of the queens were rejected and the hive was set back another month to make a new queen or they simply perished. We are now determined to become a reliable source of true Michigan bees. Michigan bees take a little longer to grow and produce queens due to our cooler weather but we hope you are willing to wait a couple extra weeks and allow us to become your new bee suppler. It is our desire to eliminate the need for southern bees here in Michigan.

Michigan Nucleus Colonies for Sale

Welcome to Honeydew Apiaries

​We are expanding our operations during 2017 in order to better serve our customers in future years. Any nucs available for purchase will be posted on Sundays to our products page here on the website. We will not be accepting pre-orders or deposits this year for nucs and cannot guarantee availability. Our goal is to return strong for spring 2018 with far greater availability to supply the high demand for Michigan overwintered nucs. We appreciate all of the interest from previous and new customers already reaching out to us. Please contact us if you need bulk honey or are interested in our products for retail sales.